2023 Ford Ranger factory ARB accessory prices revealed

We know Ford is offering a range of ARB off-road accessories for the 2022 Ranger, now we can reveal much they will cost

2023 Ford Ranger ARB


  • Pricing revealed for ARB Ford Ranger accessories
  • All ARB equipment is backed by Ford
  • Ultimate Ranger will set buyers back over $20,000 on top of the base vehicle

UPDATE, July 2022: New Ford Ranger review – it's here at last

The new 2023 Ford Ranger is now on sale in Australia, and the local media launch has been run. The Wheels and 4x4 Australia teams have both driven the new Ranger, and you can find their stories at the links below.

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The next generation Ford Ranger has got everyone in the off-road space talking, especially around the fact you can option up the vehicle from the Ford dealership with a suite of ARB accessories.

Not just basic items like bull bars and canopies either; we’re talking about major off-road gear like ARB Air Lockers, suspension packages and underbody protection for serious off-road clout.

Further information has just surfaced on the Ford Ranger Next Gen Owners Australia Facebook page, where the ARB pricing and options range has been listed in detail. It’s an exciting list, too, however some prices are still yet to be announced. We’ll keep you updated as information surfaces.

We’ve covered the details and background information regarding the partnership with ARB previously, now we want to focus on purely on pricing, and to see just how much it would cost with the information at hand to tick most boxes on the options list – building the ultimate factory-backed 4X4 2022 Ford Ranger.

Disclosure: While fitting times have been provided in this document, fitting costs are based off ARB's rough price guide. ARB Narellan quotes $130 per hour to fit accessories, so we will work off that figure. This figure could be higher or lower through Ford dealerships, but it gets the conversation started.

2023 Ford Ranger ARB Wading

Frontal protection

There are five options when it comes to frontal protection in the ARB line up for the 2022 Ford Ranger, including the Summit Bar MKII, Summit Sahara Bar MKII, Commercial Bar, ARB Spartan Bar and the ARB Stealth Bar.

Summit Bar MKII$3225 ($3275 for models with parking sensors and front camera)
Summit Sahara Bar MKII$2925 ($2975 for models with parking sensors and front camera); $245 polished tube kit, $725 for black tube kit
Commercial BarTBC
Spartan BarTBC
Stealth BarTBC
Fitting: five hours$650

Under vehicle protection

ARB has listed two options for underbody bash plates, with their Under Vehicle Protection (UVP) which is constructed from 3mm sheet then laser cut and press formed, or their Under Vehicle Armour (UVA) constructed from crosslinked polymer. Prices for these items are:

Under Vehicle Protection$1195
Under Vehicle Armour$1195
Fitting: one hour$130
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Rear protection

There’s only one option for a rear bar, the ARB Summit Rear Step Tow Bar, which offers protection and excellent ground clearance while still allowing access to the factory step-up function.

ARB Summit Rear Step Tow Bar$1835
Fitting: one hour$130

Summit side rails and steps

For additional protection, side rails and steps are also available which also make for easier access into the vehicle for those who may be vertically challenged. They also allow for easy access to the roof if you decide to fit a roof rack (also available).

Summit Side Steps$1095 
Summit Brush Bars$795
Summit Return$375
Fitting: two hours, 15 minutes$295.50

Recovery points

Every four-wheel drive should have rated recovery points, as such Ford is offering front-and-rear ARB recovery points to suit the Ranger. These will work with the UVP, UVA or original equipment underbody protection, and each recovery point has been rated to a maximum load of 8000kg. Rear recovery points can be optioned up with the rear Summit bar, these costs are for the front end.

Front Recovery Point (LHS)$252 
Front Recovery Point (RHS)$252
Fitting: one hour$130
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Canopies and sport lids

Talk about being spoiled for choice when it comes to canopies – there are five listings for options to cover the tub area of a 2022 Ford Ranger; including a sports lid if you don’t need maximum storage space but do need the peace of mind from a lockable cover.

Classic Textured$2640 to $3220
Classic Smooth$3235 to $3814
Classic Plus$3615 to $3815
Fitting: one hour (Sportslid); four hours (Classic Textured and Smooth); four hours and 30 minutes (Classic Plus and Ascent)$260; $520; $585

Suspension systems

A GVM Upgrade for the Ranger is in the works – and how cool is that, a GVM upgrade direct from the manufacturer! – but sadly, it’s not available just yet. In the meantime, you’ll be able to select from Old Man Emu BP-51 or Nitrocharger Sport suspension systems depending on your needs and budget.

Note: Labour has not been quoted as of yet, for this exercise we’ll work off five hours labour @ $130 per hour = $650 (this is an approximation, not fact)

Nitrocharger Sport Front Struts; Rear Shocks$650 (front pair); $370 (rear pair)
Old Man Emu BP51 Front Struts; Rear Shocks$2090 (front pair); $1430 (rear pair)
OME Rear Leaf Springs$740 to $980 (pair)
OME Front Fitting Kit$175
OME Rear Fitting Kit$100
OME Trim Packer$20
OME Driveline Spacer Kit$25
OME Headlight Sensor Bracket$25
OME Bump Stop Adapter Kit$22
OME Diff Breather Extension Kit$7

Storage drawers

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed for the range of tub storage drawers, however given they will be available, it’s worth mentioning if you are looking to add them for a touring setup.

ARB has developed vehicle specific drawer side floor and installation kits, which will work with or without the factory tub liner. If you want to go one step further, the ARB Slide Kitchen featuring a three-burner stove, sink and bench space will also be available to work with the 2022 Ford Ranger.

Roof rack systems

ARB’s Base Rack has been made available to suit the 2022 Ford Ranger, which has been designed to sit as low to the vehicle’s roof as possible for reduced wind drag.

It’s a fairly detailed installation too, with the interior roof lining needing to be dropped, so the factory roof holes can be drilled out to 10mm using s step drill. You will pay a bit more here for fitting, but it’s safe to say that rack won’t be going anywhere.

Base Rack Mounting Kit$495
Base Rack Roof Rack$695
Fitting: two hours and 30 minutes$325
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ARB air lockers

Front and rear ARB air lockers will be available for the Ranger. At the moment, ARB only quotes fitting times for the front diff lock as it’s safe to say many people will retain the factory rear locker and opt for the ARB Air Locker in the front for genuine four-wheel drive.

No pricing has been given for the supply or fitment of the air compressor yet, however ARB mentions there is a unique bracket which allows for fitment of the compressor in the right rear fender.

ARB Air Lockers$1150 each ($2300 for both)
Fitting: six hours (front only)$780


ARB has a long-standing tradition of partnering with Australian company Safari Engineering, which is offering their V-Spec Snorkel for the 2022 Ford Ranger. Their larger ARMAX Snorkel is not available at this stage, but we hope to see that in the near future.

Note: No fitting cost has been provided, but looking at the ARB Price List for the PXIII Ranger as a guide, the cost is $360.

Safari V-Spec Snorkel$638 

Long range fuel tank

Boosting the factory fuel range, there is the option of installing a 140L Frontier long range diesel fuel tank. This is a massive increase in fuel capacity which should see the Ranger being able to travel distances of well over 1200kms without refuelling.

Note: No fitting fee has been provided, however looking at the 2021 ARB pricelist, they list $210 for fitment to the PXIII Ranger as a guide.

Frontier Long Range Diesel Tank$1360

Side note

The list of accessories available doesn’t end there, however pricing hasn’t been released due to the nature of bespoke installations depending on individual requirements.

These items include full 12V dual battery systems, wiring looms for ARB driving lights ($157 for the loom), the ARB Linx A-pillar mounting bracket to control these accessories and the previously mentioned mounting kit for an ARB compressor for air Lockers or tyre inflation.

Still, this is a massive list of inclusions of quality accessories for a vehicle so new, we will keep you up to date as more information surfaces.

2023 ARB Ford Ranger High Quality

How much for the ultimate Ranger?

There are many variables, and as previously discussed we don’t know exact fitting fees charged yet, forcing us to work off information sourced for this article.

However, this is the perfect time to play around and configure your ultimate off-road ready Ford Ranger. This is what I’d do if I won Lotto tomorrow, and built up my dream 2022 Ford Ranger from the factory.

Summit Bar MkII$3925 fitted
Under Vehicle Armour (UVA)$1325 fitted
ARB Summit Rear Step Tow Bar$1965 fitted
Front Recovery Points $634 fitted
Ascent Canopy$5307 fitted
Old Man Emu BP-51 Suspension$5524 fitted (approx. figure)
ARB Base Rack Roof Rack$1515 fitted
Front ARB Air Locker$1930 fitted (not including air compressor or compressor fitting – TBC)
Safari V-Spec Snorkel$998 fitted (approx. figure based on ARB pricelist for PXIII Ranger)
Frontier 140L Long Range Diesel Tank$1570 fitted (approx. figure based on ARB pricelist for PXIII Ranger)


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