Missed out on the limited production Boxster 25 Years? Here's how to build your own

DIY Anniversary Special: Tick the right option boxes, and you can build a Boxster remarkably similar to our 4th-place PCOTY finisher

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Porsche built 1750 examples of its Boxster 25 Years to celebrate the ubiquitous roadster’s Silver Jubilee. Hallmarked by GT Silver paint, a striking Bordeaux red interior and fabric roof, bronze body garnishes and modern-retro five-spokes, it’s a striking visual combination that quietly commands attention on the road.

If you missed out on the Boxster 25 Years due to its limited production status, don’t fret as you can build something pretty close if you tick the right option boxes.

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For starters, let’s take a closer look at the Porsche Boxster 25 that finished 4th in this year's PCOTY title. Pricing begins at $187,200 (before on-road costs) for the anniversary special, although our PCOTY contender comes further specified with the PDK transmission ($5390), BOSE Surround Sound System ($2230), Adaptive 18-way Sports seats ($1910) and a number of other detailed options that see pricing as-tested swell to $199,930.

But how close can we get when beginning with a mechanically-identical standard Boxster GTS 4.0-litre?

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The Boxster GTS 4.0-litre’s manufacturer list price begins at $183,290 for the PDK version, so we have the basic mechanical gubbins covered there.

GT Silver paint is a no-cost option, as is the red convertible roof. A Bordeaux red interior adds $4010 to the total and, if you’d like similarly bronze wheels, ‘Aurum’ finishing of the GTS’ standard ten-spoke wheels adds another $1030.

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We’re not done yet, however. Matching our PCOTY contender’s specs as closely as possible commands further box ticking, including: BOSE Surround Sound system ($2230), Adaptive 18-way sports seats ($1910), electrically folding mirrors with courtesy lights ($560), key painted in GT Silver ($780), Bordeaux Red seatbelts ($520) and painted headlight washers ($380).

According to Porsche’s own configurator system, that adds a total of $11,420 in options with your Boxster GTS 4.0 ultimately asking $194,710.

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That’s a relatively minor $5220 price disparity between our fictional quasi- Boxster 25 Years edition and the genuine article that took 4th at this year’s PCOTY.

You’re still missing those bespoke five-spoke wheels (although a set of Simmons FR1s will get you close), bronze body trim pieces and special 25 Year iconography but, if you’ve missed out on one of Porsche’s anniversary special Boxsters, rest assured that you can still make a convincing alternative.

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