Experience MOTOR’s Performance Car of the Year 2022 through the camera lens

MOTOR’s talented photography team smashed PCOTY 2022 out of the park – here are our favourite shots

2022 PCOTY Photos MAIN PIC

MOTOR’s Performance Car of the Year is a feast for the senses. While we can’t bring you the smells – probably for the best in some cases – we can indulge you in the visuals.

That’s why we’ve got three of the best automotive photographers in the business to capture everything we see through their lenses.

The trio in question includes Head of Photography Ellen Dewar, staff photographer Alastair Brook and long-term MOTOR freelancer Cristian Brunelli.

For 2022, MOTOR went bigger in many ways and shooting the 18-car field in one tracking shot at Phillip Island is proof of that.

2022 PCOTY Photos Phillip Island Grid

It was no easy task, either, with only a small window to get the shot in the bag. We asked staff photographer Alastair Brook to sum up his experience behind the camera.

“It should be no surprise that orchestrating an 18-car group tracking shot with only half a lap to play with (thanks, mileage limits) is like herding cats in a room made of ball bearings,” he said.

“However, once I was confident I had a few keepers in the bank, looking up from the camera to see some of the best performance offerings from 2021 driving behind me in formation was pretty special, if only to soak in for a brief period. Glad I took a few happy snaps I guess.”

A Brook 220204 2022 PCOTY Photos 29

We’re proud of the fact the crew tasked with encapsulating the spirit of PCOTY are just as passionate about the event as the judging team. And with that, Alastair sums up his role in bringing you, the reader, along for the ride.

“The main perk of my job is, almost by its very definition, that I need to be where my camera is and therefore I need to experience the things which I try and bring readers along for,” he explained.

So, click through the image gallery and immerse yourself in the top-notch photography produced by our passionate and talented team.

Trent Giunco
Alastair Brook
Cristian Brunelli
Ellen Dewar


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