Mazda is a Japanese company that prides itself on engineering excellence and cutting-edge design and is one of Australia’s most popular car brands.

Established in 1920 as a manufacturer of cork substitutes, Mazda’s foray into the motoring world began with motorcycles before its first production car, the petite R360 Coupe, arrived in 1960.

Since then, Mazda has given us iconic sports cars such as the RX-7 and MX-5, won multiple Wheels Car of the Year awards, and has forged a hard-won reputation for building affordable cars that are reliable and fun to drive.

Mazda’s current model range is broad, and the brand is trying to become more premium by making its cars more luxurious and expensive.

After-sales support has long been a strong focus for Mazda and it boasts one of the largest dealer networks in Australia.

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