2022 Wheels Yearbook preview: EV comparison, Z v Mustang, and more!

On sale date: December 19

Wheels Magazine Cover Preview 2022 Yearbook

If you're thinking of buying a new EV, boy, do we have something for you in the Yearbook edition of Wheels.

Even if you're not in the market for something electric but are just a little curious about the state of the art in the mainstream market right now, you need to be all over the EV Buyers Guide. We round up 16 cars all sub-$100k, split them into three price brackets and bring you the verdicts.

In addition we drive the Ford Mustang Mach E, the Genesis GV70 Electric, report on Volvo Australia's fast-track EV blueprint and tell the story of how the crucible of motorsport is informing the development decisions behind Porsche's next-gen Boxster and Cayman.

(🤫 Psst, you can also read a chunk of it online by hitting the big photo below)

Prefer a bit of suck, squeeze, bang and blow instead?

We've got the anti-EV in the voluptuous shape of the unashamedly retro Nissan Z, in manual guise taking on the Ford Mustang California edition.

We get behind the wheel of the vastly-improved BMW X1 and John Carey is the lucky sod charged with testing Maserati's beautiful MC20 Cielo.


And if you thought a Mitsubishi Outlander was just something that Alex Inwood straps a baby into, then think again. We have the full gen on how Mitsubishi is looking to create a wild Dakar demon from the bones of the unprepossessing SUV.

Enright has taken to emotional lability and wearing a black armband in the office as his beloved Subaru BRZ exits the Wheels garage and we're also farewelling the Ford Fiesta as the Blue Oval draws the curtains on 46 years and 22 million sales.


Daniel Gardner has his teeth sandblasted, Alex Inwood ponders EV noise and Andy Enright is still waiting for a convincing electric hot hatch at the right price. There's a heck of lot more too, including an office chair with a top speed of 17km/h.

But we're not going to give everything away.

Grab a copy, in all reputable outlets and a few barely reputable ones from December 19th.



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